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Genetics and Reproduction
Veterinary Research Institute
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Information for genetic test order

How to have your dog tested and take a sample?

1. You can directly send a blood sample taken by a Veterinarian following instructions, Please, also fill Request form and send it together with the  blood sample. This option is prefered.

2. If you decide for Buccal/Saliva swab kit, please, email to laboratory your request and shipping address for Buccal/Saliva swab kit. We send swabs to you. Extra charge +8 € is applied for swab kit and shipping.

3. If you have already tested your dog in our laboratory, we have the DNA sample of your dog stored. So, just fill and sign new Request form and indicate what condition you would like to test. Filled request form you can send by an email or post.

If you are not sure what to do, just fill On-line Order Form bellow and we will contact you soon.

On-line order form
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