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Sampling instructions

Buccal cells sampling

  • please, always follow the instructions of the laboratory, which are included in the sampling kit

  • use only the original buccal swab kit distributed by the laboratory or buccal swab kit approved by the laboratory

  • using a brush thoroughly swab the inner side of the dog´s mouth for at least 10 seconds. Rotate the brush, when swabbing. Try to cover large area of the dog´s inner cheek while brushing.  

  • after sampling the brush should be sent immediately to the laboratory.

General Terms and Conditions

  • genetic test is ordered by sending the filled request form with a sample taken from your dog to the address of the laboratory - after the sample is received by the laboratory, customer will receive confirmation of their order by email
  • the accuracy of analysis is >99%
  • results of the test are available usually within 10 working days, during July and August within 15 working days, because of holiday season.
  • customer might be asked to repeat the test or to provide a blood sample if the buccal swab does not contain a sufficient amount of DNA for analysis
  • test result is issued only to the customer, and only after payment has been made. The results are sent by email in pdf, also possible to send a certificate (see request form)
  • if the genetic test for ridge disposition is performed then the genetic test determines copy number of ridge gene (0/1/2). Laboratory takes no responsibility for ridgeless puppies born in the litter, if the test is used for mating purposes, since we can not exclude hidden mutations / polymorphisms or incomplete penetrance of ridge gene, which might lead to suppression of ridge formation
  • DNA sample is archived for free in the laboratory. If you do not wish to archive the DNA sample, please, inform the laboratory.